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Therapy for children is some of the most important and rewarding work that can be done and that is why it is an area I am so passionate about. Effective therapy for children begins with a working relationship between the therapist and the parents.  Parents are the most important teachers, role models and coaches for young children and teens. When a child is referred to me, I will request an initial meeting with both parents in order to better understand the presenting problems and concerns. This meeting provides the therapist and the parents an opportunity to create a collaborative plan that will help the child thrive both at home and in the therapeutic sessions. Additionally, working with parents without the child present can help improve parenting interventions and discipline techniques. However, during the therapeutic process, I do work closely with parents in either parent sessions or family sessions as well. This helps repair and strengthen the parent/child or family relationship.


When working with children, talk therapy is not necessarily the best approach. I use other methods such as play therapy, art, imagery and sand tray. Play therapy is a psycho-therapeutic treatment approach developed to help children resolve problems though the use of therapeutic play. Our room is specifically designed to to encourage the safe expression of feelings while also promoting healthier behaviors. I use strength based interventions, teach stress reduction exercises, and use play therapy and therapeutic games to develop healthy communication and coping tools. If your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, social skills, acting out, gender or identity concerns, trauma, conflicts with peers or difficulty with friendships, I can help.

Teens Therapy


One of the most delicate times in life is the adolescent and teen years.  Here more than at any other time, individuals are in need of guidance and support. Teens are referred to me for the following reasons:


  • trauma

  • peer pressure

  • grief/loss

  • bullying

  • opposition and defiance

  • school resistance

  • homework problems

  • drugs and alcohol abuse

  • self-esteem issues

  • body image issues


If you are a parent seeking services for your teen, we will start with an initial meeting with both parents. During this meeting I will gain the insight and understanding of the family and home dynamics.  



Working with teenagers is immensely rewarding as it is during this time when long-lasting changes are likely to occur. Psychotherapy can often help teenagers change the direction of his/her life and for these reasons I am very passionate about this particular age group.






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