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Adult Body Image Group- starting July 10

Our society places emphasis on body image & wanting to achieve the "ideal body type".
Research demonstrates that up to 70% of women and 30% of men feel unhappy with their body.

Group Intentions:

  • Discuss factors that contribute to body image

  • Understand misconceptions relating to diet culture and body image

  • Learn how to accept ourselves and heal our relationship with food

  • Cultivate self-acceptance and define 'self love' as it relates to body image, disordered eating, and self confidence

  • Re-define "health" through the lens of the Health-At-Every-Size (HAES) model

This group is suitable for adults who:

  • Struggle with body image or self-esteem

  • Compare themselves to others

  • Anxiety related to appearance

  • Relationship with food such as restriction, binge eating, or emotional eating

Group Objectives: 

  • Learn about intuitive eating & how to properly fuel your body.

  • Increase awareness about distorted thinking 

  • Identify sources of influence on weight stigma and poor body image

  • Explore impact of race, gender and culture on body image and identity.

Join our 6-week in-person group for individuals struggling with body image and self-esteem. This program is designed to help those who constantly compare themselves to others, experience anxiety related to appearance, and have an unhealthy relationship with food. The cost is $75 session. Take the first step towards a healthier mindset and register now by emailing us at

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